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1.1. After making an initial request for accommodation, you are considered a promising user of the accommodation service
1.2. The holder of the reservation must be older than 18 years
1.3. The carrier of the reservation is responsible for all payments (fees and the rest of the invoice)

The completed form is considered open request.

Reservation of accommodation for the agreed date is valid only after confirmation of the receipt of the fee specified in the specific offer and with the sent confirmation of reservation from our side. We can send your confirmation by e-mail or via the web site.
1.4. Reservations are not received from persons under the age of 18 years. We reserve the right to refuse processing of requests for reservation without explanation of the reason. Minimum reservation is 7 days ..
1.5. Changes on your part: if you are prevented from traveling, you have the right to contact us in writing at least 30 days prior to arrival. We will refund your compensation within 7 business days.
1.6 Advance payment is 20% of the total amount
1.7 Payment information:



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